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Top 5 Reasons to Marry a Chinese Girl

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Hot Chinese Woman on bedAre you into Asian girls? Do you feel attracted to Chinese hot girls? Do you prefer dating Japanese women? Asian chicks are hot, loving and caring. If you feel attracted to Asian girls, there are many websites where you can find beautiful Asian singles ready to get engaged with someone like you.

There is a very popular joke among foreigners who have lived a long time in Asia…

What is more bitter, a white girl in Asia, or a black coffee?

If you are already dating an Asian girl online, this article will give you some clues and concepts about what makes Asian girls so special and desired all over the world. Is a global trend to date Asians girls because the attention they give to their man and many other skills we will talk about in the following lines.

1. Respect for male

Girls from Asia are raised with strong value of respect for males and elders. They will accept all your commands and decisions. They accept a man is a man. He normally is the one making money and working hard. They respect it. Their mentality is one appreciation and pragmatism. They will give a little ?service? and extra ?care? to their boyfriend or husband because he is trying to look after them.

They see male as a provider and main character in the home. They will please their man to keep him happy and satisfied. It is quite simple, he will make more money and they can go shopping more!

2. Culinary skills

Asian women are well known for being able to cook. If you are into Asian food, your wife will be able to cook marvelous dishes to surprise you every day. Cooking is one of their best skills and you will not stop enjoying every meal she cooks for you. They know all typical and traditional ancient Asian culinary secrets. Is like having a personal chef just for your personal enjoyment.

In general, Asians like every kind of meat and vegetable mixed with rice and noodles. They use all kind of different sauces and spices to add flavor to their meals. You might even find she is eating you under the table while you are eating the dinner she prepared – not so abnormal. I have lived in Asia for 30 years of my life.

3. Active and sporty

They are more into sports and activities than western women. Asian chicks like to exercise and take care of their body shape. Is not common to see fat Asian girls, they tend to be very fitness and athletic. They are active and energetic; they can wake up early and have a day full of activities and always more to do. They get busy with what they want to do for the day. They enjoy looking after a house, and doing the small businesses they do – yes, that is normal too. They are not shy of making money, but nothing makes them feel safer than a hard working guy.

4. Always open to learn

Asians are very open to learning. They love studying and reading. It is just a fact. While Asian people may appear very closed-minded, they are extremely different once you get to know them. Girls from Asia tend to speak few languages and are popular for being smart.

Asian women learn really fast and they are able to adapt fast to changes. They are always willing to learn what you have to teach them. And they like being taught.

5. Hot and exotic

Asians are sexy girls, pretty and hot. They have exotic features and they are extreme natural charming. They are full of fire and they tend to be center of attention because their charm and beauty. Asians take extreme care of their hair, and they consider themselves feminine. Traditionally they prefer to wear natural long, dark shiny hair. They have exotic unique eyes and irresistible skin. Most have a slim build, and they are petite, and you know what that means – tighter than tight.


Hot Chinese Angel

Summing up, getting an Asian bride can be one of the best things that happen to you. They are very complete women. They can do everything for you from cooking gourmet, cleaning your mess, help you study and look always hot. Thanks to online dating services we can access to the most beautiful singles from China, Japan and all Asia. Take your time, learn a new culture, and enjoy the whole experience. It is time to change your life.

You can start dating an Asian girl online very easily, you can choose to meet her after you have already communicated with her online and in the phone. Good online sites have many years in experience in dating, online introductions, and meeting with intent to marry.

Online dating and marriage introduction services have been given a bad name by the lesbian and man-hating women of the western world. That is the image they have created because men don?t want to touch them, let alone be exposed to their negative and soul crushing ways. Time to get a new life?

Ideas For Dating Beautiful Asian Women

Chinese women have a beautiful elegance about them which makes them some of the most beautiful  women in the world. Their natural beauty gives them an alluring sensuality that is hard to resist for most men. If you are interested in picking up hot Chinese girls, there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your journey:

  1. Be genuine and sincere when approaching a Chinese girl, show your confidence and it will surely capture here attention.
  2. Pay attention to her and get to know her before trying to take the relationship to the next level. It does not take fancy tricks or dishonesty, just be yourself.
  3. Show interest in her culture, tradition, food and religion.
  4. Become a friend of her friends.  In most groups of Chinese girls there will usually be one or two who will not be as hot as the others.  These girls will be much easier to approach than the very beautiful ones.  Become friends with them.  This can be accomplished on the Internet, using Facebook or other online chat sites.
  5. Give her compliments – this technique works with women from any country – but Chinese women are especially effected by kind comments regarding their clothes or hair. Tell a Chinese lady she is beautiful.  Learn some of the popular Chinese actresses and tell your girls she looks like on of them.

Why You Should Choose a Chinese Bride

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Hot Chinese Woman in pink bikini

In case you have given up on your quest for a soul mate, first you may want to consider  dating a Chinese mail order bride. Chinese women have shown to be exceptional home makers.  This is not the only thing; they also have other admirable qualities that will make you love them instantly.

If you want sincere and dedicated soul mates, you should certainly consider a Chinese bride; their culture and beliefs have taught them to put their family as their first priority.

Chinese brides would consider their family first, and ensuring each family member is comfortable regardless of their age. Chinese brides are flexible easily adaptable and well, very pretty.

Their feminine stature shows out the magnificence of the Chinese. Moreover, they have an extremely attractive skin tone and complexion. Their straight jet black hair adds to their beauty. They have such a unique facial feature, that you will never notice when they are getting old.

This fact makes all women around the world feel jealous of Chinese ladies. Chinese language brides are decent and hardworking, primarily because of their upbringing. You would feel comfortable when introducing them to your family and friends.

Chinese Brides by harisarn


Chinese brides are popularly known for their skills in cooking and house keeping. They devote themselves to their family, values and most of all, cook delicious meals regardless of the time even on a short notice. Your visitors would appreciate their kitchen skills at any time. Chinese language brides are systematic and ensure the house is always in order. It is no wonder that after having a hectic day, many attest to always looking forward going back to the enchanting warm arms of their Chinese wives.

They also would prove to be admired moms, giving your offspring?s that smile you always want to look forward to when retiring home. They are always affectionate with their kids. She would teach the kid upstanding morals as well as instilling ethical values.

Chinese language women are educated, and they can be tough competitors at the place of work. They are intelligent and can impress employers with their level of knowledge within a short time. The good thing about them is that they are able to balance between work and household life.

They learn to be respectful at a tender age to their wedding vows, and value their household above anything. If you are interested in one, simply choose the one that best suits you. Get to know her family.

However, be warned that before you propose, seek permission from her family to be in excellent terms.

Tips To Meet And Date Hot Chinese Girls

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hot and cute chinese girlsChina is considered one of the largest populated countries in the world. It is also home to some of the most beautiful, exotic and hot Chinese girls. With the rise in the international demand for Chinese models, it is no wonder that more men are searching for ways to meet and connect with these Asian beauties.

For those who are not from China, meeting Asian women can be a challenge as attitudes and ideas about conventional dating may be considerably different to that of your own. Characterized by a rich sense of culture, hot Chinese girls can be very mysterious and different to women you have previously dated. By considering a few tips, you may increase your chances of a successful dating experience.

The internet has become one of the fastest and convenient forms of communication for individuals all over the world. Online dating has become considerably popular in providing opportunities to meet exotic women. This platform has certainly provided a convenient method for men from all over the world to interact with gorgeous women from China utilizing modern tools from webcam chatting options to instant messaging services.

When meeting up with the Asian woman of your dreams, remember to simply be yourself. There is no need to practice outdated and overused pick up lines that surely no longer leave a positive impression on any woman. Be sure to maintain some level of intrigue and excitement when speaking to Asian girls instead of exclusively relying on physical appearance to create an impression.

hot chinese girls lying downDating should not focus on conventional methods such as entertaining an attractive woman at a restaurant, but rather something that is out of the ordinary and more affordable. Ensure that you create a relaxed atmosphere while keeping her guessing as to what next to expect. This may create more intrigue and sway her expectations with regards to traditional dating.

It is important not to try too hard to impress these women as this may come across as desperate and certainly a turn off. Consider quality conversation in getting to know the other person by asking relevant questions and paying attention to her answers. Increase your knowledge of the Chinese culture and the fact that individuals are family oriented.

Meeting and dating hot Chinese girls requires one to think differently in terms of conventional dating. Be sure to act naturally, not come across as trying desperately to impress her and considering the values which are important to her culture. Create intrigue and an edge in order to enhance your attraction and appeal to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Hottest Chinese Women

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Hot Chinese Girls – “Wo Bu Neng Rang Ni Zou”

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Hot Chinese Girls

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Get A Gorgeous Thai Girlfriend – 10 Tactics For Attracting Hot Thai Women

If you’re especially attracted to beautiful Thsi girls, I can definitely understand. I’m a big fan of beautiful Thai women and have dated a wide variety — including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipina and Indonesian.

There are many reasons why thai women make us feel a powerful attraction, and why they can be ideal partners for a guy like yourself. However, in order to successfully meet and seduce Thai women, you first need to understand how they think and what they expect from men and relationships. Right now I’m going to give you ten tips that will help you become more successful with meeting more beautiful Thai women — and attracting them into your life.

1. Understand that the term “Thai Women” contains many different sub-categories. While most Western men think the “Thai” label mostly refers to Chinese or Japanese girls, it actually includes more than 40 nationalities and ethnic groups. In the Philippines alone, where there’s been a lot of mixing of cultures over the country’s history, you’ll meet taller women with fair complexions, along with shorter women with dark skin. The point is, it can be hard to tell exactly which country a lot of Thai women are from — so don’t try to guess. This can make you appear ignorant, and you might even offend her. Instead you can say, “You have a really unique look, where is your family from originally?”

You should also never mention that you have dated other Thai women in the past. This isn’t going to make her think that you “understand” her. There’s actually a pretty good chance that it will make her suspicious. Thai women (especially those who live in the West) are creeped out by the idea of guys who have “yellow fever” (i.e. they have a fetish for Thai women). She wants to be appreciated for her own unique qualities.

2. The popular belief that Thai women are meek and subservient is simply not true — however, these are extremely feminine women (which is a good thing) and they desire to be with men who are masculine and will play the role of provider and protector. This is a huge reason why Western guys find Thai women so appealing — and will often never go back to Western women once they’ve had relationships with Thai girls. They are purely feminine, and desire a man who exudes masculinity.

This means that with hot Thai girls, you can’t be co-dependent or clingy. Thai men don’t behave this way and if you do, it’s going to turn off Thai women. They want to feel SAFE with a man who is a decision-maker and protector, and who is in control of his emotions. Thai women won’t feel comfortable with a guy who is needy, overly sensitive, and complains about his problems.

3. Thai women are particularly attracted to guys who treat them like gentlemen, but have somewhat of a mischevious “bad boy” edge. They also find it highly attractive when a strong, masculine guy can display a softer, more playful side. Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and George Clooney are very popular in Asia because they exhibit these qualities. Just remember, be even-tempered and emotionally stable when you are with Asian women. Never lose your cool.

4. You must be intelligent and preferably well-educated, since Asians put a high value on education and wisdom. Also, have various passions and pursuits that you can share with her. You want her to get the sense that she will become a better, more knowledgeable and well-rounded person by being with you.

5. Always behave yourself in public. Guys who are loud, rude, or “show off” in public aren’t going to get anywhere with hot Thai girls. They also appreciate proper manners, such as helping them to remove their coat, or pulling out their chair and helping them to sit down in a restaurant.

6. Demonstrate some familiarity with her country, its culture, and her religion. Having an appreciation for her native cuisine is also very helpful. If she is Westernized, she probably eats Western food, generally–but when she’s with her family, they surely still cook their favorite exotic dishes. Learning to cook one of her favorite ethnic meals for her will score you big points.

7. A tip for all you guys who are communicating over the Internet with women from Asian countries: get her to chat with you on a webcam as soon as possible. There are a ton of girls on the Thai dating sites who are looking to find a foreign boyfriend, which is great, but there are a lot of games being played. Some women will post misleading pictures in their profile, or in some cases they’ll use a picture of another person entirely. If she has an excuse why she can’t appear on webcam, you can assume she’s trying to hide something. Every scene I’ve visited in Asia, from the big cities to the poor provinces, now has Internet cafes — and if the computer she’s using doesn’t have a webcam, there must be one nearby.

8. Never give Thai Ladies the perception that you are a “playboy” who dates different women and isn’t interested in having a serious relationship with anyone. Thai girls want to know that there at least a CHANCE of you getting serious with her. You don’t need to talk about any of this heavy “relationship stuff” when you’re first getting to know her, but you definitely don’t want to give her the impression that you’re only looking for fun with no strings attached. (In the Philippines, they call these kinds of guys “butterflies” — always flittering from one flower to the next.)

9. High-tech gadgets are very popular with Thai women — the latest mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, etc. You’ll impress Thai girls if you carry any of these items (and they also make for great conversation starters). Asian guys tend to be really up on this stuff. Also, when you’re knowledgable about computers and technology — even if this just means owning a few cool gadgets — Asian women take this as a sign that you are a smart person who is moving up in life. In Asia, being proficient with computers and technology is a sign of a successful person.

10. And here’s my last piece of advice on being an “Thai babe magnet”: you must understand that Thai women of all ages have very close ties to their family. In some Thai cultures the woman is expected to support the rest of the family, even though they’re perfectly capable of making their own money. Even though you might be tempted to, never tell her to grow up and be independent and turn her back on her family. This will only create friction between you and her.

About the Author

So, come to our website and download our free seduction guide, which is absolutely jam-packed with tips on how to approach women. In under one hour you can learn how to approach Thai woman in any situation with unstoppable confidence and a charming, flirty style that she will love.

How To Find Chinese Brides Through China Dating?

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Hot Chinese Girls Looking For Fun!!!If a gentleman is looking for China brides, then he should consider China dating. Although the other Asian nations have been more popular with regards to foreign marriages, Chinese brides from mainland China are becoming more prevalent as the years go on. This is because Chinese brides from the mainland of China want opportunities that might not be afforded to them otherwise.

It’s not strange for them to want to go into foreign marriages, because many of them are used to the idea of arranged marriages. Furthermore, a China bride might like the idea of being able to travel to a foreign country, particularly since many of them are poor, and they might not have the opportunity to do so on their own.

Beyond this, they are trained for the time they are young on how to be great wives, and mothers. They understand that they must keep up the home, keep it clean, cook very good food, and take care of the children.

Many of these Chinese brides are not interested in having a career. They are simply interested in being a good American or European wife to their husband.

On the other hand, an arrangement with these type of China brides can work every well for the gentleman interested. Many men value Asian women as some of the most beautiful women in the world. They love their exotic looks, their long black hair, and their beautiful skin. If a man feels that Chinese dating is his cup of tea, then at the very least he can go to an online dating site, and Pick Out A Beautiful China Bride for himself.

Something he should keep in mind is that he will have to get permission to travel to mainland China. There might be certain aspects that he needs to check out with the State Department before he travels to mainland China. He should also be prepared to pay for his flight.

In China, it is customary to hold a marriage party for the bride, and this is the opportunity for the gentleman to get a chance to meet his bride and to pay his respects to the family. After this arrangement, he then goes back to his home country, where he gets the paperwork ready for her immigration.