Best Places to Meet Hot Chinese Women

China is one of the top 10 most populated countries in the world. Because of this, it can be the perfect place to meet new people and find the woman of your dreams. China has a fantastic ratio of women to men, and in some of its major cities below has the greatest population of single women in the world.

Chinese women are professional, classy, hardworking, and they know how to keep and create a solid, respectable, and loving family. Women from China make excellent wives, mothers, and will always be loyal to you. It is worth noting however that it can take a lot of work, sometimes, and an investment of not only your money but also energy.

But, in the end, you’ll be happy, have one of the most beautiful, loyal, and memorable women enter your life.

Consider some of these popular tourist locations, which many expats have even reported to be excellent places to reside in as well. We’ll break down some of these top places, how to understand, and how to make your move on the right Chinese women for you.

stunning girl at the Sanya beach in China

Where do I get started?

Shanghai China, one of the most beautiful, populated, and economic hubs of the world is a sight to be seen and enjoyed only in person. The night scene is huge here, with some of the hottest, most popular, and exclusive night scene it attracts some of the most successful, attractive, and outgoing people all throughout China.

If you’re looking for a place that’s a bit more rural, and not into the big city scene than a place like Hangzhou may better serve you – see more below.

Big fan of the beach? Then skip over Shanghai for now, and give Sanya a spin. It’s both a beautiful and romantic place, so read more below to learn more about it, what it costs, and what to do there.

How to “get down” in Shanghai

The clubs are always packed in Shanghai, the streets are full, and you can meet a single, beautiful woman in nearly any place throughout this bustling city. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that Chinese women usually travel or party in packs, but not always.

One of the best approaches and places to go are the more “upper-class”, expensive, or ritzy nightclubs. These places are full of more mature, educated, and classy women that are likely looking for the same thing as you! Women in China know what they want, and how to get it.

Going to a place like Shanghai will definitely cost you money, and comparison to other places this is one of the most expensive. So, if money is no object to you then this is the way to go.

Make sure you’re well dressed, groomed, and ready to get down! If you speak a little bit of Chinese or have been practicing don’t be afraid to try it out and practice, as Chinese women find it absolutely adorable.

We know it can be overwhelmingly busy here, but if you’d like, consider trying out a tea ceremony class. This is a great way to learn more about the Chinese culture, women, what they like, and the do’s and don’ts that could make your chances all the better of finding the Chinese woman of your dreams.

Going for a “Slower Pace”

Are big city places and experiences like Shanghai or Hong Kong, not your thing? Big city, metropolitan life isn’t for everyone, can be overwhelming, and even intimidating for those seeking to meet new people and find love. (Think, New York City times a hundred)

If you’d prefer to visit or live in a place with a slower pace, original architecture, small shops, and a beautiful place by the lake or river, then Yangzhou might be right for you.

It’s much easier and even pleasant to find single Chinese women here, enjoy the scenery, and live out a naturally adventurous life filled with meeting new people, visiting cafes, and even meeting other foreigners!

Yangzhou is one of the most cultural places in China, is safe, and full of outgoing, wonderful people that are happy with all types of classes or backgrounds.

You’ll learn here that riches don’t necessarily buy happiness, and Chinese women and people, in general, aren’t all about money, high grades, and a strict lifestyle without fun.

Meeting women on the street and “cold approaches” are a lot easier here, and can even be fun. Just make it a point to try to read body language, and learn the difference between a kind smile versus one of interest.

If a Chinese woman you’ve met on the street or in a café smiles or giggles a lot, you might just be on your way to conquering love in China and finding the woman of your dreams.

Enjoy the picturesque views of Sanya’s Beaches

Sanya beach China - Romance paradise

So you love the beaches and want to possibly find love at one? Then head right on over to China’s Southern tip of Hainan province and find your Chinese lover in a romantic, friendly, and adventurous way!

These beaches are filled with crystal blue water, incredibly clean and beautiful beaches, and are a melting pot of Chinese women and cultural influence.

Find Love at West Lake

Hangzhou is another beautiful choice and tourist destination for anyone looking for a slower-paced, beautiful scenery and breathtaking women. Foreigners aren’t the most common here, so you’ll definitely be unique and carry a strong appeal to the local women.

While here, why not check out language schools for either learning Chinese or teaching English and really maximize your potential to meet the Chinese woman of your dreams? Just be mindful and respectful, ensure she doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend, and if she’s with her family show respect by knowing when to just smile, get a name, or in rare instances a phone number.

It’s a small town and chances are you’ll meet again!