Hot Chinese Girls

I Am Married With Pretty Slavic Woman!

There is still a problem on my mind: Why did I married with a russian woman? But there is only one inference, I didn?t search for Russian, American or Chinese woman. I was interested to find true love, my destiny, my honest wife for all my life. It happened that she was from Russia.

I would like to tell you our fantastic story, about our meeting and how we fell in love. In November or December in 2000 I felt myself awfully because of my divorcing for a year. I felt unlucky in my life, only one luck in my life was my daughter who lived with me. Usually we didn?t share much time together, I was at my office she was at school.

Once I was losing my time online, and unexpectedly I met some online Russian marriage?s site. I decided to look what was there. My daughter came back from the study, while I looked at that site. She asked me: Hum, Father, are you seeking some hot future wife? I didn?t stop to look though the marriage site.

My daughter was right. I wished find real possibility to meet a woman for long-time relationship of my age. I didn?t wait for serious love gift. But I was exausted to stay at room every night lonely. I dispatched masseges for a few women. Then dinner and movie.

One evening in 2001, it was early spring I began reading some ladies? profiles on the marriage site. I noticed one woman, was named Marina. faithfully, I didn?t pay attention where she was from. I liked her profile very much. I read everything she wrote there a few times. I decided to write to Marina.

What might I lose? What could happen? Only any masseges from woman! anyway in two days I received a short replay from woman. In her letter was written that she lived in Latvia and said thanks for writing her. She wanted me to tell more about my life and city where I lived.

She also was interested in my expectations of life. She asked me what I wished about and what I needed out of life. At that instant I lived with no plans about future, I was interested only in my daughter and my job. But she made my eyes open!

We were in touch more than two months. I dreamed to hear her voice and asked her about this. She was not very good in English and asked me to speak slower. I send her good English lessons for a few months. Then I got a phone card and called her every Wednesday job.

Of course we had big difference in time between us, when I phoned her after work she had a midnight. Often she was sleepy and angry with me. I began call her earlier, more comfortable for her. She interested me so much that I was looking forward to meet her in person. I make proposition her to meet. And she was glad from this desire, we both were exited. in short time I made everything travel arrangements, she found a living room for me, and we met.