Top 5 Reasons to Marry a Chinese Girl

Hot Chinese Woman on bedAre you into Asian girls? Do you feel attracted to Chinese hot girls? Do you prefer dating Japanese women? Asian chicks are hot, loving and caring. If you feel attracted to Asian girls, there are many websites where you can find beautiful Asian singles ready to get engaged with someone like you.

There is a very popular joke among foreigners who have lived a long time in Asia…

What is more bitter, a white girl in Asia, or a black coffee?

If you are already dating an Asian girl online, this article will give you some clues and concepts about what makes Asian girls so special and desired all over the world. Is a global trend to date Asians girls because the attention they give to their man and many other skills we will talk about in the following lines.

1. Respect for male

Girls from Asia are raised with strong value of respect for males and elders. They will accept all your commands and decisions. They accept a man is a man. He normally is the one making money and working hard. They respect it. Their mentality is one appreciation and pragmatism. They will give a little ?service? and extra ?care? to their boyfriend or husband because he is trying to look after them.

They see male as a provider and main character in the home. They will please their man to keep him happy and satisfied. It is quite simple, he will make more money and they can go shopping more!

2. Culinary skills

Asian women are well known for being able to cook. If you are into Asian food, your wife will be able to cook marvelous dishes to surprise you every day. Cooking is one of their best skills and you will not stop enjoying every meal she cooks for you. They know all typical and traditional ancient Asian culinary secrets. Is like having a personal chef just for your personal enjoyment.

In general, Asians like every kind of meat and vegetable mixed with rice and noodles. They use all kind of different sauces and spices to add flavor to their meals. You might even find she is eating you under the table while you are eating the dinner she prepared – not so abnormal. I have lived in Asia for 30 years of my life.

3. Active and sporty

They are more into sports and activities than western women. Asian chicks like to exercise and take care of their body shape. Is not common to see fat Asian girls, they tend to be very fitness and athletic. They are active and energetic; they can wake up early and have a day full of activities and always more to do. They get busy with what they want to do for the day. They enjoy looking after a house, and doing the small businesses they do – yes, that is normal too. They are not shy of making money, but nothing makes them feel safer than a hard working guy.

4. Always open to learn

Asians are very open to learning. They love studying and reading. It is just a fact. While Asian people may appear very closed-minded, they are extremely different once you get to know them. Girls from Asia tend to speak few languages and are popular for being smart.

Asian women learn really fast and they are able to adapt fast to changes. They are always willing to learn what you have to teach them. And they like being taught.

5. Hot and exotic

Asians are sexy girls, pretty and hot. They have exotic features and they are extreme natural charming. They are full of fire and they tend to be center of attention because their charm and beauty. Asians take extreme care of their hair, and they consider themselves feminine. Traditionally they prefer to wear natural long, dark shiny hair. They have exotic unique eyes and irresistible skin. Most have a slim build, and they are petite, and you know what that means – tighter than tight.


Hot Chinese Angel

Summing up, getting an Asian bride can be one of the best things that happen to you. They are very complete women. They can do everything for you from cooking gourmet, cleaning your mess, help you study and look always hot. Thanks to online dating services we can access to the most beautiful singles from China, Japan and all Asia. Take your time, learn a new culture, and enjoy the whole experience. It is time to change your life.

You can start dating an Asian girl online very easily, you can choose to meet her after you have already communicated with her online and in the phone. Good online sites have many years in experience in dating, online introductions, and meeting with intent to marry.

Online dating and marriage introduction services have been given a bad name by the lesbian and man-hating women of the western world. That is the image they have created because men don?t want to touch them, let alone be exposed to their negative and soul crushing ways. Time to get a new life?

Ideas For Dating Beautiful Asian Women

Chinese women have a beautiful elegance about them which makes them some of the most beautiful  women in the world. Their natural beauty gives them an alluring sensuality that is hard to resist for most men. If you are interested in picking up hot Chinese girls, there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your journey:

1. Be genuine and sincere when approaching a Chinese girl, show your confidence and it will surely capture here attention.

2. Pay attention to her and get to know her before trying to take the relationship to the next level. It does not take fancy tricks or dishonesty, just be yourself.

3. Show interest in her culture, tradition, food and religion.

4. Become a friend of her friends.  In most groups of Chinese girls there will usually be one or two who will not be as hot as the others.  These girls will be much easier to approach than the very beautiful ones.  Become friends with them.  This can be accomplished on the Internet, using Facebook or other online chat sites.

5. Give her compliments – this technique works with women from any country – but Chinese women are especially effected by kind comments regarding their clothes or hair. Tell a Chinese lady she is beautiful.  Learn some of the popular Chinese actresses and tell your girls she looks like on of them.