Understanding Chinese Women: What is Their Appeal?

Chinese women are some of the brightest, most loyal, and beautiful women in the world. They are typically highly educated, come from a disciplined background, and know how to work hard. They aspire to be successful, take great pride in reputation, and are also very close to their families.

Put all these personality traits together and you should understand why Chinese women might be so attracted to foreigners or men from the west. The work ethic and the ways they treat their women in China are much different from what most of us are used to, and this is a common trend all throughout Asia. Chinese women strongly value education, but are also quite romantic, and as they’re exposed to western culture through movies and music it becomes something they desire.

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They Want to Feel Respected and Loved

Chivalry, kindness, and romanticism are not so popular in China, and it’s a rather strict place with strict rules along with heavy expectations for the Chinese women. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, as most Chinese men expect their women to pick up the slack, take care of them, their family, home, and even still work in the meantime. While this is not necessarily wrong, it does overwhelm the women there and so they naturally dream of or desire a life in which there is a greater balance, respect, and a mutual understanding of responsibilities or expectations in a relationship.

While dating and marrying a Chinese woman if you’re a foreigner shouldn’t be interpreted as a “meal ticket” or sugar-daddy arrangement, some men, and women mutually desire this. At the same time, however, it’s important to remember that most Chinese women simply want balance and equality. Also, should they be studying or aspire to study and create their own career it is understandable as to why they might more realistically accomplish this if they’re wedded to a foreigner.

Chinese Women Have a Cultural Curiosity

Women from China have a great appreciation for learning foreign languages and traveling. Because they are required to learn English in school and are such strongly driven people it should come as no surprise that they’re quite culturally diverse. This, in combination with the amount of fluency and use of English in all of their major cities, makes it a great country, place, and people that will enjoy foreigners, their company, and even relationships.

Chinese women are quite curious, and a combination of media, growing up watching movies, television, and meeting foreigner friends grow a desire to meet more and even settle down with one. Women here are very intelligent, and likewise, desire a man that too can have an intellectual conversation, is well versed on other cultures, and has a desire to meet a woman from one entirely differently from where he is from. This is not only flattering but also makes you an interesting person and prospective boyfriend or husband for them.

Chinese women see American men as successful, ambitious, and they know that any which is traveling all the way to China is likely to have similar interests, a fascination for foreign languages, culture, and is also looking for his other half. Also, understandably, the many Chinese women here not only have a desire to also travel abroad and learn, but many of them land job opportunities or have a career interest abroad somewhere, and likely in your native country.

Chinese Women Travel Too

Because Chinese women are so well educated, versed, and optimistic about traveling and learning abroad it’s more than likely that many of the women you meet here have studied or worked abroad previously. Because of this, it can be easier to associate with one another, and you likely fill a “void” in which a Chinese woman might have from the life she’s lived before and the things she misses most.

After a Chinese woman has traveled abroad and experienced what the rest of the world has to offer her, including the men, it’s not unusual for her to not desire a Chinese man anymore. Chinese women no matter how hard they work, are not used to receiving comparably equal status or treatment by men, and per society is in some ways looked down on. The “homemaker” role is really a part of the past, but because China is such a strict country, escaping such a title and role can be difficult.

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Social Status Can Mean Everything

Much like any other country or culture women – and men – strongly value social status or how the people they care for the most perceive them. Not just in public, but for a Chinese woman to date or marry a foreigner it is seen as a great success – even outside of the obvious financial benefits.

While social status can mean everything to a Chinese woman’s family, it’s becoming more common that a Chinese woman simply seeks to marry a man that is more open-minded, enjoys life, and looks to get more than money and lavish cars and houses out of it. While nice jewelry, cars, and houses are good things to have, it’d appear as though there’s plenty of genuine, Chinese women just want a man that is happy himself, and knows how to make her happy.

The Unmistakable Differences: Dating a Foreigner

Though there are far and wide differences between American culture and life for a Chinese woman, they often feel as though they can associate with many western standards or ways of life. For example, plenty of Chinese women are Christian, and finding a Christian Chinese husband can be difficult, and even if they fall in love it’s unlikely he’d convert. Because men in China are seen so dominant, the “what I say goes” mentality is strong, but not well-liked as media and people may portray.

It is more likely and easier for a Chinese woman to fall in love with a foreigner because unlike Chinese men she can feel as though she’s actually dating, getting to know, and has the choice (keyword) to fall in love with him or not, and not his entire family. This is not to say that Chinese women are not willing to get to know, love, and respect a foreigners family, but rather that the pressure to do so in a conventional Chinese marriage is much greater, and without much flexibility.

Last but by no means least, Chinese women have reported that being in a marriage with a Chinese man although not without it’s upsides, communication is often a big issue. By nature, and culture, Chinese men tend to avoid conflict, discussing problems, and in general seem to have a habit of just “sitting on” disagreements or assuming they’ll pass. This type of passive behavior can not only be damaging to a relationship, but it’s also just flat-out unhealthy for a relationship, especially a marriage.

Chinese women believe and feel like foreigner men can be more practical, understanding, and in turn, their communication gives women here a sense of genuine care, love, and commitment to th